Health and Nutrition Coaching

An Investment in Yourself and a Partnership Beyond Measure

Weekly feedback for a lifetime of success.

Getting Started with GHT Health Coaching

Step 1: There are 3 sign up options to choose from: month to month, 3 month package or a 6 month package.


Step 2: Schedule your new client intake and forms so that we can learn all about you, your health, mindset, habits and most importantly, your goals!


Step 3: Every week you will provide Kira with feed back through a targeted check-in form based around your health goals. 


Step 4: Kira will send you recorded feedback on your nutrition, habits, supplement adherence, as well as tools you may need to hit your goals- recipes, links, movement tweaks and other lifestyle considerations. 

Why choose Health Coaching?
Implementing lifestyle and nutrition changes can become overwhelming and at times even feel isolating. Our mission at Gut Honest Truth is to make these life changes develop with ease, all while having a deep sense of support through the process. Our functionally trained and licensed nutrition, Kira Guarino, partners with you every step of the way by providing weekly audio recordings and the tools and resources you need to be successful, week to week.

Do I need to be a patient of Gut Honest Truth?
No, you do not need to be a Functional Medicine patient of ours in order to reap the benefits of our health and nutrition coaching platform.

Can I sign up for Health Coaching in addition to Functional Medicine Consults?
Absolutely, in fact we encourage it! We find our patients that embrace both have the most success on their healing journey.  This is an optional add on to your health care and your GHT provider may suggest this addition at your initial consultation based on your needs.


What is not included in GHTs coaching program?
Ordering or review of any lab work or prescribed treatment protocols. If you are working with GHT for functional medicine care please save those clinical questions for your consultation appointments with your provider. If you are not yet a GHT patient and would like to have lab work ordered please consider seeing us for a New Patient Consultation.