Dreaded Allergy Season is Upon Us

It’s here, kids. Dreaded allergy season. Who here has been personally by pollen season?  I’m more of a ragweed gal but I feel you spring victims! Check out my 5 key points around seasonal allergies! 🤧

1. Reduce Antigenic Loads. Cross-reactivity to certain foods can worsen your seasonal allergy symptoms. For example for pollen season the following foods can be reactive: Apple, pear, cherry, plum, fig, peach, kiwi, prune, lychee, persimmon, nectarine, strawberry, beans, carrot, celery, green pepper, potato, tomato, parsnip, peas, anise, marjoram, basil, oregano, dill, parsley, caraway, paprika, chicory, pepper, coriander, tarragon, cumin, thyme, fennel, hazelnuts, almonds, and walnuts. 🍏

2. Repair Leaky Barriers. By now most of my followers are familiar with leaky gut otherwise known as intestinal permeability. But did you know you can also get leaky skin? It’s true, I have an entire protocol for it. Due to this you’re more likely to have issues with other antigens that are a non issue at other times of the year ESPECIALLY true of those cross-reactive foods. 🙈

3. Restore the Gut. Dysbiosis or imbalance of good and bad bacteria is a big part of the development of allergic responses to food and our environment and needs to be addressed! If you aren’t familiar with dysbiosis- I talk about this in our e-book 😱

4. Repair Digestion. Your stomach acid and digestive enzymes are necessary to avoid large food proteins from becoming antigenic in the  above leaky gut scenario. Testing and replacing stomach acid is a must do! If you want to learn more- please refer to our e-book for a play by play.💊

5. Reduce Stress. High cortisol can be detrimental to the gut lining as well. Work on breathing exercises, personal care routines, meditation and gentle exercise for stress relief can be helpful in reducing your symptoms.

But now we want to share with you our holy grail of natural supplemental allergy treatments 💊

Top 3 favorite supplements:

1. HistaEze by Designs for Health available on

2. Nanoemulsified Hista-Aid by Quicksilver Scientific available on

3. D-Hist by OrthoMolecular- not currently available on GHT store but still an amazing and highly recommend product by yours truly


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