Our Top 5 Reasons for Chronic Bloat

Updated: Jan 17

Over the years I’ve noticed more and more that people don’t actually know what “normal” is when it comes to their gut and pooping. And why would you? Not that many of us chose a career where we talk about peoples poop for 10+ hours a day. Yes, I know I am the weird one.

If you’re someone who occasionally over eats and gets bloated after the meal or drinks too much water with meals, it is normal that you are bloating. But I want you to think of your stomach as a blender. If you fill a blender to the tippy top and press the start button, what happens? Nothing. The food stays relatively whole and everything jams up and doesn’t move. The blender needs you to leave a few inches so it can churn and do its thing, right? The same concept goes for your stomach!

But if you’re someone who is bloating CONSISTENTLY after eating, like clock work. It’s time to address the reasons why this might be happening!

Even though there are without a doubt more reasons someone may have bloating, here are our top 5:

👉🏻SIBO/CANDIDA overgrowth: Do you get bloated 1-2 hours after eating? A big sign of bacterial or yeast overgrowth in the intestines is bloating and gas. Food triggers for candida? CARBS AND SUGAR!!! Food triggers for SIBO? Basically everything but FIBER! Think garlic, onion, cruciferous veggies etc.

👉🏻Low stomach acid/digestive enzymes: do you bloat within 30 mins or so of eating? Especially with meat? You’re possibly struggling with decreased stomach acid. The great conductor of all digestion.

👉🏻Low thyroid function: everything gets low and slow - the constipation associated with hypothyroidism can contribute to bloating as well.

👉🏻Food sensitivities: are you not sure but maybe suspect something like wheat or corn is causing bloating after eating- usually this will happen hours or even days after eating!

👉🏻Stress: Not only does it exacerbate the lessening stomach acid production but it fully impairs your digestion in the immediate moment. Back in the day, when our ancestors were being chased by a lion, the blood and energy would rush from their digestive tract to their extremities to run for their life. In the present day, your body can not differentiate a lion ready to maul your face off on the Serengeti and your wife nagging you or your boss yelling at you regularly. So every time your boss scolds you or gives you the cold shoulder and you’re about to have lunch, your energy and blood flow flees to your extremities like he's a big bad lioness.

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