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Gut Health Practitioner Guide

Gut Health Practitioner Guide


The gut microbiome is the epicenter of most health, wellness and disease. Every practitioner and coach that hopes to go from good to great, needs to have the foundations of healing and supporting most common gut conditions under their belt. Meet our 37 page gut health guide that dives deep into the intricate details of gut related lab work and treatment approaches to make it easier for you to implement them.


GHT'S Gut Health Practitioner Guide contains the following:

  • H pylori
    • Recommended testing & natural treatment (including recommendations)
  • Biofilms (including recommendations)
    • Types of SIBO and testing on the market as well as how to interpret the test
    • Pros and cons of medications, herbals (including recommendations) and elemental dietary approaches
  • Elemental Diet
    • How to help clients make a DIY formula
    • How to use it in clinical practice effectively
  • Post-Infectious IBS
    • Recommended testing, interpretation of the lab & natural treatment
  • Stool testing
    • Dysbiosis, candida, parasites overview, medication & natural approaches for treatment (including recommendations)
    • Commensal, pathogen and intestinal health marker guide for stool testing
  • Supportive Documents
    • 5R Approach
    • Baking Soda & Betaine HCl testing
    • PPI Wean Off Protocol
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