As a practitioner you can now gain access to unlimited use to my ebook, How to Get Rid of IBS.


We will email you a release waiver at the time of purchase. Once the waiver is returned with a date and signature, we will send you a PDF copy of the ebook for your keeping within 72 hours. You will also receive a quick guide to recommend lab companies, tips and supplement dosing based on conditions.


When you purchase this you will be able to use in practice how you see fit for your business with the following restrictions:

  • You are not allowed to rebrand this copyrighted book as your own property or written work

  • You are not allowed to remove the authors name, business or title page from this copyrighted book

  • You are not allowed to print or take ownership of the information and writing as your own


If you purchase this you will be able to use in practice how you see fit for your business without restriction:

  • A free educational resources for you and your patients, adding value to your appointments and consultations
  • Charge a fee you desire to support the financial wealth of your business
  • Print copies of my book to have physical copies 

How to Get Rid of IBS- Practitioner Guide


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