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Katie Morra MS, RD, LDN, IFMCP

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2020-10-22 Katie - Gut Honest Truth - We

How to Get Rid of  Your ?$@#*!%

Acid Reflux

A how-to guide for naturally and permanently getting rid of your acid reflux forever


Become Your Best Advocate

  • No need to sift through 300+ pages of information

  • You won't need to wait 1-2 weeks for snail mail to arrive

  • You will start gaining knowledge today from the comfort of your own home

  • Access to our diet and supplement starter guides

  • My goal is that by the end of the ebook you feel more equipped to be your own best healthcare advocate

Uncover the Root Causes

  1. Food Sensitivities

  2. Gut Infections

  3. Chronic Stress

  4. Bile Reflux

  5. Structural Issues

"There’s a really good nutritionist I know, Katie Morra, who wrote a nice ebook about heartburn and reflux, which patients can get. It is sort of a simple guide that you can give to your patients to help them do it on their own. Because a lot these things, once you know what to do, you can really make interventions so, so simple. "

Todd LePine, MD

The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, MD


Pie & Jeremy

Your ebook has taught my husband and I so much more about the underlying causes of his excess gas and GERD than the last few months of seeing doctors. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!! We are hopeful and excited to combat my husband’s condition with healthy solutions using this amazing source of information. Thank you for your ebook and for being a voice for people suffering with digestive issues!


As a functional medicine practitioner, I get so many customers coming in with digestive issues, stomach acid is always brought up in these conversations, and I find myself giving too much detailed information and I lose them. Katie's book has simplified it in this witty,  easy to "digest" ebook that I am now recommending it for so many of my patients to help them understand the importance of this often overlooked issue. 


The book is great, I have it in English and in Spanish. It is super easy to read, short, concise but with really good information. It guides you on the right track to where to start to find out what’s going on with your body.  I highly recommend it to become your own advocate. 

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