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Gain Confidence in Putting Clinical Knowledge into Application

GHT Academy encompasses a variety of live and on demand training curriculums and guides for all health care practitioners led by our Institute for Functional Medicine trained and certified clinicians.

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6 Month Hybrid  Membership

6 Months of Support

(Live & Recorded)

Jan 2024-

June 2024

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Single Live Modules

Attend a Module w/o a Membership (Live)

Offered Monthly

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On-Demand Courses

On Demand Trainings (Recorded)

Currently Available

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Practitioner Guides

On Demand Lab & Protocol Guides

Currently Available

2023-2024 Live Training Calendar
GHT Academy membership registration is closed- please use our contact form to be added to the 2024 waitlist

With over a decade of experience, thousands of patients and labs, advanced trainings and more..we want to share our tried and true approaches with YOU!

Let's get you and your business to the next level!

Looking for private 1-on-1 mentoring?
Each session is 1 hour in length. Review client cases, create protocols, get support building out your offerings and continue to master your craft.
se our contact form for questions. Be sure to download the PDF after signing up with instructions for scheduling.

Katie's teaching style is engaging and interactive, which makes it easy to understand and retain the information. Katie is a true expert in this field, and her practitioner training programs provide a wealth of valuable information that can be put into practice right away.”

— Nicole Jardim,

Women's Health Coach

I always love working with and collaborating with Katie! She takes such a scientific yet down to earth approach to all her education around gut health itself and how it interacts with other systems in the body like the thyroid. She makes it easy to understand and actionable for everyone!

— Carrie Jones, ND,

Nuethix Formulations

"I’ve had all the same questions you’ve had. I've learned from all the same people you’ve learned from. I’ve done the same trainings you have. I still find the information I have learned from Katie to be more invaluable. I have gained more knowledge about how to treat the gut and body than I did in my graduate program. It changed who I am as a clinician and I couldn’t imagine my life without it."

— Kira Guarino MS, CNS, LDN,

Lead Nutritionist at Gut Honest Truth


What Other Professionals Are Saying..

"I was blown away by the Paper to Practice symposium. Katie truly stands out as a beacon of knowledge and experience when it comes to testing, treating and healing the gut through a functional medicine lens. This symposium combined in-depth lectures with practical real world applications to ensure any practitioner was immediately armed with the answers and protocols necessary to treat their own patients and clients. The lectures, slides, and handouts were curated perfectly to pack in what felt like a full degree in functional medicine in only a few short hours. Not only was the information itself invaluable, but Katie's way of educating others is unparalleled. She was able to provide an immense amount of content and depth, which easily could have been very overwhelming if presented the wrong way, and make it enjoyable, easy to follow along with, and accessible to everyone. Not only that, but the symposium was followed up by handouts outlining every single thing (and more!!) discussed during the lectures to ensure you could walk away with every morsel of knowledge disseminated during the lectures. Katie was kind enough to entertain a lot of interactive discussion to make sure everyone had their questions thoroughly answered along the way. I simply cannot recommend her as an educator or this course enough!!!"

Amanda Appelbaum - Health Coach

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hey mami
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experience life
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The Vitamin Shoppe
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uplift fit

Meet the Founder

 Katie Morra is one of the first 1,000 Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioners and a Registered Dietitian with over a decade of experience. 

Katie has also had the privilege of training nutritionists, dietitians, MDs, PAs, NPs and health coaches how to confidently read lab work, assess a case and effectively treat their patients.​


Katie has been featured in MindBodyGreen, Experience Life Magazine, Vitamin Shoppe, Federal News Network and more. 

Katie has also been featured in some of the best health podcasts to date such as The Period Party, 15-Minute Matrix, Uplift Fit Nutrition and Hey Mami. 

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