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Katie Morra


Founder + Owner of

Gut Honest Truth & GHT Academy

"The stress around food is often worse than the food itself"


My Mission for GHT:

Our mission at Gut Honest Truth is to deliver the best science and practices to our community. We aim to help our clients understand the how and why so that they may not only start to heal, but thrive. We seek to deliver best practices and sustainable changes to foster individuals' unique and optimal wellness through exceptional partnership.



Katie graduated from the State University of New York at Geneseo with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in biology. Following completion of her degree, she chose to follow a close passion of hers by pursuing a Master's degree in applied nutrition at Sage Graduate School in Upstate New York. Combining her dual degrees to promote the overall wellness of others became her primary focus as a practitioner. 

In Practice:

With over a decade of experience, Katie has had the privilege of supporting thousands of patients using a combination of comprehensive labs, supplement protocols and lifestyle improvements to uncover the root cause of inflammation, autoimmune disease, irritable bowel syndrome, food sensitivities and more chronic disease states.

Katie has also had the honor of training nutritionists, dietitians, MDs, PAs, NPs, chiropractors and health coaches how to confidently read lab work, assess a case and effectively treat their patients.

Recent Advanced Functional Medicine Coursework & Certifications:

  • Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner

  • Dr. Jill Crista's: Are You Missing Mold Illness In Your Patients? Certified Practitioner

  • Kharazzian Institute Coursework

  • SIBO Academy Coursework

  • Rupa University Coursework

Recent Speaking Engagements:

  • Nicole Jardim's Institute for Menstrual Health

  • Brigham & Women’s Hospital, a Harvard University Affiliate 

  • Dr. Anjali Dsouza's Women's Health Network

  • Russel Sage Graduate Program


Katie has written features in MindBodyGreen, Experience Life Magazine, Rupa Magazine, Vitamin Shoppe, Federal News Network and more. You can find some of her articles by clicking the icons on our Homepage.

Katie has also been featured in some of the best health podcasts to date such as The Period Party, 15-Minute Matrix, The Root Cause Medicine Podcast, Uplift Fit Nutrition and Hey Mami. You can listen to these episodes by clicking the icons on our Homepage.


Katie's exposure to functional medicine started at a young age. When she had a cold, her mother, a compounding pharmacist, sent her off to school with Echinacea and vitamin C. Her father, an exemplar dentist, further guided her as she searched for newer paths to achieve overall wellness as a competitive athlete and uncovered her passion for optimizing the body. She later realized it was her parents’ wisdom that would evolve into the mantra she shares with her patients: “The stress around food and lifestyle is often worse than the food or event itself. ”


Family has always been the most important thing to her. A question she often asks patients is what is the why for them. What brings them joy and why do they want to put in the work to regain their health and wellness? And the answers are transformative. Katie's why is her husband, her two sons and her two beautiful dogs. 


What is your why?

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