Todd LePine, MD

The UltraWellness Center

 "The GHT Guide to Reversing Your Acid Reflux: is a valuable guide to getting your gut working optimally.  Katie dispels the myth of "too much acid" in people with heartburn.  Stomach acid is needed to help digest and absorb nutrients and the use of acid blocking medications, especially when used chronically, leads to many unintended consequences including nutrient depletion, increased risk for osteoporosis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.  If you or any of your friends suffer from heartburn, give them a copy of the the GHT Guide to Reversing Your Acid Reflux: and get the Gut Honest truth about acid reflux."


Jennifer Goldstock, MSN, ANP-BC

synRG Integrative Health & Wellness

"Katie produces an amazing and incredibly informative ebook providing everything providers and patients need to know to treating acid reflux.  She uses her vast experience and knowledge, while interjecting her trademark sense of humor to describe a complex issue and give insight into treating successfully.  I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with acid reflux." 

Washington, DC

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