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How to Get Rid of Your IBS

How to Get Rid of Your IBS


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Did you know that IBS potentially affects about 15% of the population worldwide? First of all, 40% of this affected population aren’t formally diagnosed. Meaning, 4 out of 10 of individuals with IBS just “live with it”. That is, constantly dealing with abdominal and intestinal issues without taking any action thinking “this is normal” or possibly being told “it is all in your head."


What about the other 60%? Usually they land the IBS diagnosis after physicians run very valid, but maybe not-so-thorough tests or treatments: antibiotics, endoscopies, colonoscopies, lactose intolerance tests, celiac tests, and the like. If these tests come back negative: first class ticket to IBS town with usually nothing more than a sheet of paper with a low FODMAP diet plan on it and possibly some Metamucil or peppermint pills.


My goal with this book is to provide you an actionable, functional medicine-based guide that focuses on root causes of “IBS” to help you understand what your body is and is not telling you. More importantly, my hope is that in following my guidance, you can get on the path to feeling better.


Pages: 53


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